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The Club offers: basic instruction for beginners, and on-going support for members.

New Members must either take a course of lessons before joining and show that they are safe and sensible OR they must be competent archers – that’s to say, already members of the Grand National Archery Society, or have satisfactorily completed a proper course of instruction by a recognised body. All members and beginners under instruction must abide by the GNAS Rules of Shooting and follow all safety requirements and any / all directions of the site owners.

Once started, members can get support and more advanced training in several ways:

  • Club Coaches can assist with technical and shooting skills to at least ”Bowman’ level
  • Club Members can give ‘Buddy’ support and all kinds of specialist technical help
  • Workshops and advanced training is available from the County Coach Network
  • Archers with special needs can be referred to Regional and National Support Groups with access to special training, facilities and Grant money
  • Archers, both able-bodied and para, who show particular ability can be referred for Elite Coaching by ArcheryGB

Instruction for Beginners

The Club runs Beginners Courses supervised by our GNAS/ArcheryGB-certified graded Coaches.

2013-november-beginners-scoring-detail-1200pxlCourses are charged at £70 for 6 lessons (usually over double lessons with a break between, so three sessions in all) for Adults or £60 for Juniors under 18 yrs (special rates apply to groups and school pupils). There has been a lot of interest in our courses, particularly since the London Olympics, which has sometimes meant four to six month’s wait for a place on a course. At the moment there is a reasonable-sized waiting list – please contact us to get your name put on it. Otherwise it might be worth checking the nearby clubs and Commercial Training on the Links page of this website, although part of the reason for our long list is that not all clubs seem to be offering lessons at present. Another reason is that the Governing Bodies require us to teach at least six modules, and as we can only deal with about ten beginners at a time (a few more in summer, a few less in winter), the throughput is not very great, in practice only about forty a year.

Our Instructors give Beginners a Proper Start. We let Beginners use the Club’s Equipment until they are ready to get their own. Modern Equipment is very “forgiving” and “fast” – skill is more important than strength. This means that everyone – Old & Young, Strong & Weak – can get Good Results. Archery is accessible to people with Physical or Visual Impairment.
For more details about Lessons please click here.


Why not book yourself onto a Taster Session? This is an opportunity to get some practical knowledge of our sport of archery without committing yourself to spending too much time and money.

Is Archery for me?
A typical session lasts 1 1/2 hours. – A qualified instructor will explain essential Safety and Archery Etiquette – explain the workings of a Basic Bow – and of course show and guide you how to shoot properly. There will be time for plenty of shooting practice for you, plus answers to any questions you may have.

The sessions are open to all ages and genders, they will normally take place on a Saturday morning, the cost is £15.00 per person.

Following a taster session you might like to sign up for our nationally recognised Beginners Course.

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Help and training is freely available in the Club up to a good intermediate “Second” or “First” Class standard – beyond that level – (on to “Bowman”, “Master” or “Grand Master”) – Coaching can be arranged often at little or no cost.

Advanced Coaching is available in Sussex from GNAS-accredited County, Regional and National Standard Judges, collectively members of ‘The Martlets Guild‘. The Guild regularly runs courses for ‘Improving’ Archers, plus ‘County Elite Squad’ training at both Adult and Junior levels.

For More Details – Phone Rod Brown on 01903 713747

libraryFor lots of information about archery, including choosing equipment, setting up equipment, performance tips and competitive shooting, visit our Club and Shooting Information Library.