This page records some of our members’ and associate members’ best achievements since 2006 when this site started.
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Two Medals for Zimbabwe

Achievements, associate memeber Gavin Sutherland represents Zimbabwe
Our winter-time Associate Member Gavin Sutherland represented Zimbabwe in the 2014 All-Africa Championships at Luxor, and came Second, and the following day was outright winner of the Africa Open Tournament.

English AND Irish Trad Field Champion

Achievements, Michaela Lake wins English and Irish Traditional

Since being selected to shoot for Great Britain in the World 3-D Field Championships in Estonia later this year, our Associate Member Michaela Lake has been taking all the opportunities she can to hone her Traditional technique, and in the process won both the English and Irish Championships in August

Home Countries International Winning Team Member

Achievements, home counties junior team member Marc Charlesworth

Marc Charlesworth was selected to be part of the English National Team at the 2014 Junior Nationals Meeting. The team won the Home Countries Competition by a clear margin.

Next day Marc went on to take 6th Place in the UK Championships.

Successes at 2014 Regional and County Indoor Championships

– Doug Hendrie became Regional and County Barebow Champion after less than twelve months in this style
– Liz Bowyer retained her County Longbow Crown
– Marc Charlesworth was County Junior Recurve Champion
– Max Ramsey added 16 points to the Junior FITA18 Sussex County Open Record
– Arundown was placed Third Sussex Team in the FITA18

Two Masters and Double Regional Champion 2013

Achievements, two master barebow archer Doug Hendrie

In August, and in his first season shooting Barebow, Doug Hendrie clocked up his third Master-Bowman-Standard score at the Eastbourne Record Status York, and claimed his Barebow Masters Badge.

Achievements, master bowman Liz Bowyer

In September on consecutive days at HMS Collingwood in some very challenging conditions Liz Bowyer added two Master Bowman scores to her SCAA Championship GMB score, and became a Longbow Master Bowman.

Achievements, Southern Counties Traditional Field champion Michaela Lake

In October Michaela Lake became Southern Counties Regional Ladies Traditional Field Champion at the SCAS Championships at Charlebury, on top of her Southern Counties Regional Ladies Barebow Clout Title won in June at Dunstable.

County Outdoor Longbow Champion 2013

Achievements, outdoor longbow champion Liz Bowyer

Liz Bowyer added the County Outdoor Championship Title to the Indoor Title she won in March, scoring a Grand-Master-level 475 points, ahead of the 2012 champion Marilyn Dewar.

Regional and County Indoor Longbow Titles 2013

Achievements - Regional and County Longbow champion Liz Bowyer

Liz Bowyer became Lady Longbow Champion at the 2013 Southern Counties and Sussex Indoor Meeting at the K2 Centre in Crawley. Her score of 403 for the Portmuth Round was only 10 points behind the best ever by a Sussex Lady at this shoot.

County Barebow Indoor Record December 2012

Five months after beginning, Max Ramsey scored 519 and raised the County ‘Club’ Junior Gents Barebow Portsmouth Round record by 68 points.

National Clout Championships 2011
Achievements - National Clout TeamJon Stafford was the Silver Medallist in the Gents Recurve division, and Liz Bowyer, Jon Stafford and Rod Brown brought the Team Salver home to Arundown for the second time – (see 2008 below)

Southern Counties Clout Championships 2011
Three levels of Success…
Firstly, Liz Bowyer was Lady Recurve Champion for the FOURTH year in a row
Secondly, Jon Stafford and Liz were both Recurve Champions
and Thirdly Sussex won the Team Championship, with three Arundown members being Liz, Jon and Rod Brown, and with Richard Britton from Plumpton shooting Barebow.

National Clout Rankings 2010
Liz, Jon and Rod hung on in the 2010 Top Ten, though there was some slippage.  Liz ended at number three in the Ladies Recurve, Jon was seventh in the Gents Recurve and Rod on first attempt at Barebow was also at seven but slipped to sixteen in the Recurve. Graham was thirteen in the Gents Longbow.

Success in Junior National Target Championships 2010
Will Martin, a Worthing archer who’s also been an associate of Arundown for several years, came 3rd in the Metric Rounds and First in his age-group in the Championship Rounds, and to cap it all, together with Bryony Pitman (also of Worthing) formed half of the Southern Counties team that won the National Regional Championship.

and More… the following weekend, at the Sussex FITA & Metric Tournament, Will broke the National Record for the Metric 2 Round.

Southern Counties Clout Champion 2008-2010
Liz achieved a hat-trick when she won the Southen Counties Clout at Dunstable in June.

National Clout Rankings 2009
Liz, Jon, Graham and Rod appear in the 2009 Top Ten.
Jon and Rod improved by two positions and Liz by one on the previous year, Graham slipped two and Russ three. Liz won’t be able to improve any more this year, because she ended 2009 on the very top of the pile at No. 1.
Final positions:
Liz (recurve) 1, John (recurve) 5, Graham (longbow) 8, Rod (recurve) 10, Russ (recurve) 12.

2009 National Clout Champion
National Champ

Liz Bowyer fought her way up from sixth place at the half-way mark to win the Ladies Recurve National Clout Trophy at Bradford by a nine point margin.

Gents’ Recurve County Championship Runner-Up 
Richard Cobden proved he doesn’t just excel at medium-distances and in good weather when he took the silver medal for the York Round in the 2009 Sussex County Championships in very difficult conditions.

UK National Records 
Liz Bowyer shot the Gentlemen’s two-Way Clout at UK Record-Status shoots in June and August 2009, and both times broke the Ladies’ Recurve Double-Round Record, raising it by 45 points altogether.

Gents’ Recurve County Open Record 
Richard Cobden scored a very impressive 918 at the the 2009 Ditchling Windsor Tournament in June, breaking the existing record by 19 points.

If that wasn’t enough, Richard went on to rack the County Windsor record up another 17 points to 936 at the Bayeaux Lazy Shoot in August.

Repeat Performance at Southern Counties Clout 
7th June 2009: Liz Bowyer broke the County Open Record for the Single Two-Way Clout, and was the Southern Counties Ladies Champion for the second year running.

Team & Individual Success at Cheshire 2009 Clout 

As this was the first-ever Metric Tassel Award shoot, Liz Bowyer, Jon Stafford, Russ French (Recurves) and Rod Brown (Barebow) travelled to the Wirrall for a bleak and windy contest, the largest ever put on by Cheshire County, and on the scale of the National Championships. There was a major upset when Liz, Jon and Russ won the Team award from the holders Stalybridge (Cheshire) by just one point. This team award, like the National team award, seems to have been won exclusively by clubs from Cheshire, Lancs or Yorks for as long as it’s been awarded so this is a fine achievement for a Southern Club. Jon Stafford was also the highest scoring Gentleman Recurve archer, with new Single and Double Sussex County record scores, Liz Bowyer was first Lady Recurve Visitor, and Third overall, with a new Sussex Double-Round record. Russ French was Third Vistor recurve. Jon and Liz both achieved Red Tassel Awards, and Russ and Rod Blue Awards.

National Clout Rankings 2008

As Predicted in the Blog in August, Liz Bowyer held on to to her lead and was ranked Number Two in the National Clout Rankings.  Russ French was ranked number seven and Jon Stafford number eight. Scores generally were higher than in 2007, in spite of the poor weather through much of 2008.

30-year County Junior Indoor Record Broken 
Will Martin scored a staggering 580 in the November BA Postal League match and broke a long-standing Junior record for the Portsmouth Round

Top Team at National Clout Championships 2008

Arundown became National Recurve Bow Champions at only the second visit to the National Championships.

Liz Bowyer won the Bronze in the Ladies Recurve division, Jon Stafford was 6th, Russell French 7th and Rod Brown 10th.

Graham Brown was 8th in the Gents Longbow class.

Gold Tassel Award and win at Herts

Two achievements for Liz Bowyer during the Summer of 2008 – First, she scored 225 at the Bowflights Clout in Birmingham and won her Gold Tassel Award, and then she was clear winner at the Herts Clout Tournament (seen above collecting the Most Clouts trophy) as well as several other Clout tournaments.

Three Wins at County Shoots 
Emily Cobden had a great run of successes in July 2008, winning the Junior Lady prize in the Burntwood FITA and her age-group prize in the Bristol Rounds at the County Championship Meeting, and then going on to win her Age-Group in the County Junior Shoot and equalling the score of the over-all winner, only to be beaten on Golds.

Individual Awards at Southern Counties Clout 2008

Liz Bowyer became the Southern Counties Ladies Champion, and Jon Stafford won the award for Most Clouts as well as coming third in the Gents competition.

Junior Medals at Southern Counties Indoor Championships 2008
Pip Tucknott won the Silver and Will Martin the Bronze medals at the SCAS Championships held at HMS Collingwood at Fareham, after a nail-biting side-by-side contest.

Ladies Success at Sussex County Indoor Championships 2008

Medals for both our ladies at this year’s shoot held at the Worthing Leisure Centre.
Emily Cobden was outright Junior Lady Champion, and Liz Bowyer took the Silver Medal in the adult recurve competition.

2nd Place in UK National Clout Championships 2007 

On our first visit to the UK National Clout tournament in Yorkshire. Graham Brown did us proud by winning the Silver Medal for the Mens Longbow.

In the Recurve classes, Jon Stafford was 6th, Russell French 8th, Rod Brown & Liz Bowyer both 10th.

Another clout in Lincolnshire the next day, a FITA clout which has a much larger scoring zone, and several of our archers picked up County records. A single record for Rod Brown shooting Barebow, a double record for Russell French shooting recurve, and a single and double record for Liz Bowyer shooting recurve.

Click here to view pictures of the weekend.

2007 Sussex County Indoor Championships

Arundown picked up two awards at the 2007 Sussex County Indoor Championships on 22nd April. Dave Hodges came first in the Mens Recurve and Arundown took the second team award (Liz Bowyer, Russell French, Rod Brown and Dave Hodges pictured).

Gold Award at 2006 Surrey Clout

Dave Hodges easily beat the Barebow National Record and came within two points of winning the highest ‘Tassel’ award in Clout Archery. Dave (with the white hat in the picture) had to make do with the Gold Tassel instead of a Purple.

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