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Also see the List of Outside Events and Club Shoot Planner.

Latest Past Events

The calendar lists an event nearly every weekend, but club members can also enjoy informal shooting if that's what you prefer. We sometimes put on “Have a Go” sessions at fairs and fetes or for school Summer Camps, and we run Tournaments to raise money (everyone is expected to help!).

We shoot three or four League Matches during the summer, which are arranged in such a way that everyone can participate. There are parallel Leagues for Juniors and Longbow archers. We encourage our members to enter Tournaments, Indoor, Outdoor and Field events.

There is a pretty wide range of events available in several disciplines, and various members of this club do participate in five or six completely different branches of the sport. Most of these variations are available within a 40 mile radius, but occasionally some of us travel further.

Our events calendar shows all the Arundown fixtures and also any local tournaments that you may be interesting in trying.