2017 Selby Summer League – Final Result

The Longbow Team completed the five matches and ended up with 13 League Points, we won four and lost one, same as the Division winners ABBA who had a higher score (so it was a case of Waterloo for us). ABBA had a gross score of 2043 to Arundown’s 1982, but we were well ahead of 3rd place team Mole Valley on 1574. We were also ahead of Cheltenham, Bromley and Guildford.

The Recurve Team outcome was a bit different, the Team shot three matches, winning two and losing the third by just two points, and then we were unable to raise teams for the last two matches. All the same we ended up in fourth place out of six on points.

The Final Reckoning – October 2016

The Selby Summer Postal League runs for five months, and after four months all six teams in our Recurve Divison had the same number of points – four matches played, two wins and two losses each, 8 points scored. So the League Division was bound to end with three teams with 10 points and three teams with 8 points if all the teams put in scores. The Division Winner would be the team with 10 points and the highest score. At that point we were in Second Place, 12 points behind the Division Leader. We would have been clear out in front if our May result hadn’t been way below our average. We were up against Bowmen of Rutland (the Clout shooters among us know ’em well, we’ve been there five or six times) and they were right down at the bottom score-wise, all we had to do was put in an average score…
UNFORTUNATELY we didn’t, and Rutland produced one really good archer to top their score up.
So our Recurve Team ended up in fourth place in Divison 9, and so did our Longbow Team (which was Robert Keeling and Rod Brown every month) in Division 8. Recurve Team members were David Phillips, Martin Turner, Iain Charlesworth, Craig Marsden, Marc Charlesworth, Richard Smallbone, and Ross Moseley.