Success in Junior National Target Championships 2010

Will Martin, a Worthing archer who’s also been an associate of Arundown for several years, came 3rd in the Metric Rounds and First in his age-group in the Championship Rounds, and to cap it all, together with Bryony Pitman (also of Worthing) formed half of the Southern Counties team that won the National Regional Championship.

and More… the following weekend, at the Sussex FITA & Metric Tournament, Will broke the National Record for the Metric 2 Round.

National Clout Rankings 2009

Liz, Jon, Graham and Rod appear in the 2009 Top Ten.
Jon and Rod improved by two positions and Liz by one on the previous year, Graham slipped two and Russ three. Liz won’t be able to improve any more this year, because she ended 2009 on the very top of the pile at No. 1.
Final positions:
Liz (recurve) 1, John (recurve) 5, Graham (longbow) 8, Rod (recurve) 10, Russ (recurve) 12.

Team & Individual Success at Cheshire 2009 Clout

achieve7As this was the first-ever Metric Tassel Award shoot, Liz Bowyer, Jon Stafford, Russ French (Recurves) and Rod Brown (Barebow) travelled to the Wirrall for a bleak and windy contest, the largest ever put on by Cheshire County, and on the scale of the National Championships. There was a major upset when Liz, Jon and Russ won the Team award from the holders Stalybridge (Cheshire) by just one point. This team award, like the National team award, seems to have been won exclusively by clubs from Cheshire, Lancs or Yorks for as long as it’s been awarded so this is a fine achievement for a Southern Club. Jon Stafford was also the highest scoring Gentleman Recurve archer, with new Single and Double Sussex County record scores, Liz Bowyer was first Lady Recurve Visitor, and Third overall, with a new Sussex Double-Round record. Russ French was Third Vistor recurve. Jon and Liz both achieved Red Tassel Awards, and Russ and Rod Blue Awards.